About Us


This blog is dedicated to all things related to homemade crafts and design. I am a keen enthusiast and even though I am not the most artistic of people, I thoroughly enjoy following tutorials and trying to recreate some of the fantastic crafts and designs I find on the various websites and blogs I come across on the internet. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I decided to start my own blog detailing my experiences, and also to highlight the various websites that I get all the fabulous ideas and tutorials from.


The majority of the content featured on this site serves as a portal to the other websites and blogs that inspired the creation of this blog. And that is done in order for those of a similar disposition as me to enjoy the same tutorials, and along with a little review and mention of my favourite things about the site/blog, I give brief details about what the site or blog has to offer, i.e. the features of the blog/site and what it covers and focuses on. I also post some original content on this blog, and although I do not create tutorials of my own, I tend to write informative articles on certain topics all related to homemade crafts and design that I find very interesting and at times, helpful.


I am a young professional female in my mid-twenties, based in London, England, and I make my daily bread in marketing for a big fashion company. Despite the fact that I never had a natural flair for the arts, even as a child, I was always very interested in crafts and design. My mother still has boxes of my crude attempts at crafts from preschool, right through primary and high school. However, regardless of my ‘lack’ of natural talent, with the help of the numerous sites on the World Wide Web, I have found that I have still been able to hand-make plenty of things that I have decorated my modest city apartment with, and every festive season, all my loved ones await (with anticipation??) the random homemade presents I always gift them.


The limits are boundless when it comes to what you can do when you DIY. And the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you created, with your own two hands, a piece of art that you will enjoy for years to come, and that other will also enjoy, is priceless. Furthermore, the time spent creating and hand-making is time well spent, and if you are that way inclined, it is as good as devoting time to sport or any other self-fulfilling activity.


My hopes here at (insert blog name) are to motivate others who may not feel that it is worth their time pursuing something they are interested in because they are afraid they don’t have the requisite skill or natural talent. You don’t need to take an expensive class, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on equipment, etc. There are literally thousands of websites and blogs on the internet that can help you get started and show you how you personalise, customise and Do-It-Yourself!