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Five Best Homemade Craft & Design Websites


Crafting a piece of homemade furniture, or making some chic decorative designs to liven up our personal living spaces, or even just getting involved in homemade craft and design purely for the enjoyment of the art, is something that many people enjoy and many people would like to do. The unfortunate part is, for many of us, the natural artistic touch that is sometimes required to create a breathtaking piece of DIY art or craft never found us. And so for many of us who would like to try, fear that the lack of ability and know-how will render any attempts futile stops us right in our tracks. However, due to the rise in popularity of pintrest and other similar sites and blogs on the internet, there has been a surge of interest in DIY and homemade projects. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most helpful and inspiring crafts and design blogs and websites on the World Wide Web.

Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect is a blog created by Molly, a freelance designer and editor based in California. Her blog covers food, DIY, travel, mixtapes and style. Her DIY tutorials cover a wide range of topics from ‘how to make a 5 minute gallery wall’ to ‘DIY printed donut favour boxes’. Her website is very elegant and chic, but more importantly, so are her craft ideas and tutorials. The mixtape section is a wonderful touch too, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Dollar Store Crafts

Dollar Store Crafts is a blog that was created by Heather Mann in 2008. Heather is a mother of three, crafter, writer and entrepreneur based in Oregon. Her site is focused on creating cool crafts that are easy to make, using materials found in the dollar store. If you love to craft, or even if you are a novice looking to get into the game, Dollar Store crafts is the perfect place to help you do that on a budget. The site has projects under the categories “$1 or free”, “$5 and under” and “$10 and beyond”,  and features some really cool, simple and straightforward tutorials.

Positively Splendid

Positively Splendid is a fantastic blog founded by Amy Bell in 2010. She is a wife, homemaker and mother of four, and states that helping others discover their own creative potential is what drives her in her endeavours with her blog. The blog itself is chock-full of project tutorials ranging from recipes to home decor crafts to gardening.


Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed is a great ‘creative lifestyle blog’ founded by Chelsea, a mother and wife based in California, and started out as a way for her to organise her wedding DIY projects. Its brand is now well recognised and has expanded to include consulting, workshops and speaking engagements. The blog itself has a strong focus on DIY covering a wide range of areas in the home, from the wardrobe to the kitchen.


P.S. – I made this…

P.S. – I made this… was founded by Erica Domesek, a design and style expert based in New York City. She has stated that her mission is to help others stylishly personalise their lives through DIY and embrace her concept of “I see it. I like it. I make it.”  As a result of Erica being so passionate about hand-making beautiful objects and fashion accessories, she launched her website in 2009 and soon after, Elle magazine did a feature on her, dubbing her “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”. The website focuses on style and trendiness, and features loads of tutorials that are very easy to follow.

Recipes and all manner of cookery are popular sub-sections on many a homemade craft and design blog/website, and the variety of techniques used to make some truly fabulous eatables is astounding. – See more at: