Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?


I am a twenty-something female professional with a great passion for all things hand-made, homemade and arty. My love affair with crafts and design stems from preschool and despite the fact that I don’t have that natural flair for the arts, I have never let that get in the way of me indulging in one of my life’s passions. I am based in London, England, and work for a fashion company, in the marketing department. I am not a professional writer nor am I affiliated with any of the sites and blogs I mention and link.


Why do you think your blog is useful?


I believe I approach blogging about homemade craft and design from a different angle. Of all the wonderful bloggers already out there, I am perhaps the only one with no real artistic talent. However, I believe by highlighting this and focusing on it, I can appeal to many people in a similar position to me, at the same time offering something to consummate crafters and designers. My mission is to show that, despite not being naturally artistically inclined, if you do have the interest, you are by no means limited by your ‘lack of talent’. Homemade craft and design is all about trying to create something beautiful and artistic, primarily for the enjoyment of the art. However, the keyword there is trying.


Where do you get the content on your blog?


I find blogs and websites that inspire me or that I find cool, and after trying a project or two out, I write about my experience. I tend to either write a whole article on a specific sub-category of craft and design, or I write about my experience with specific sites and blogs in the form of a short review and also detail what I find on the website or blog, i.e. the features and focus, etc. I also write original content in the form of completely independent articles on topics that I find super cool or interesting. The topics cover the wide range of sub-categories that fall under craft and design, and may come to me totally randomly or they may be inspired by a project I will have done from a tutorial off of some fabulous page.


I read your post on (insert name of post) and I totally didn’t get it.


If there is anything that you read on my blog that you either did not understand or you didn’t agree with, you think I was completely wrong and way off the mark, then please, please, please, do get in touch and let me know. I would like to make this blog of the highest quality and feedback from readers is nothing short of invaluable!


Can I contribute to your blog?


You most definitely can! If you are of a similar disposition to me, i.e. not naturally gifted in the arts, but you still managed to make some fabulous homemade crafts, etc, then I would love to feature it on my blog. Please get in touch.